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Grandeo Labs advocates blockchain, distributed ledger technology, will transform the way data is stored and controlled for all businesses and the public sector in the next five years. Bitcoin core has demonstrated the immutability and hackproofness of blockchain technology. Legacy spaghetti IT systems will be replaced because they are expensive, hackable and controlled by third parties.

Hacks and release of confidential data into the public domain has eroded trust in certain institutions (spreadsheet of big hacks / breaches / incompetence) The EU's Global Data Protection Regulations are bringing back personal data ownership.

ChainKey: the world's first Proof of Record blockchain application

Although agnostic regarding fabric our preference is Linux Foundation's hyperledger. However, the fabric is only one concern: we consider the public and private aspects along with the use of chain sharing and security. We work in conjuction with leading academic institutions and technology companies.

BlockchainA: a number of chains holding information on directors, owners, shareholders and companies.

In the Lab

Shareholder Registers

The UK's various Companies Acts ensures all non natural entities keep registers of controllers, shareholders and officers. Grandeo is currently porting over 5 million companies onto its hyperledger blockchain in conjunction with IBM.

Cold Storage

Blockchain is unhackable (yep, even if Quantum computers grow stronger we can just add a few more bytes) but the Private Keys used to verify and carry out transactions are not. You don't need to know your homomorphic encryption from your barreto-naehrig curve to appreciate a 50 odd character string is easy to copy and paste. A key concern with institutions entering the emerging crypto market is custody. We have solutions.


Crypto Currency Indices

An asset management company asked us to produce a number of daily valued crypto currency indices - so we did.

Global Real Estate

We have been asked to specify how our blockchain solution would help in the world of residential and commercial real estate by one of the world's largest and most prestigious real estate agents. More to follow...

Yacht bookings

We have been asked to specify how our blockchain solution would help in the world of boat and yacht rentals by a Canadian operator. More to follow...

Music Copyright

Who owns the rights to Michael Jackson? Can I play his music at my wedding? Such questions should be answered easily. They would be if the copyright information was held in a public blockchain. Using unique actor identifiers and smart contracts, we should all be able to see. Wouldn't it be great if Spotify could warn you before you bluetoothed it to your public speakers?

Fashion Copyright

Creating fashionable items is expensive and yet so easy to copy. Wouldn't it be great if you could photograph an item on your phone and be told who owns the copyright is or if it is a knock off?

Personal Data

All companies wanting to use your personal data will need your consent. This will not be a tick box; it will involve api to a blockchain you own and control. We are developing to do just that.


Most law firms have poor IT systems.

In the UK Lawyers must adhere to the follow guiding principle:

O(4.1) you [must] keep the affairs of clients confidential unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or the client consents;
SRA Code of Conduct. However most law firms use legacy document management systems: Wikipedia - Paradise Papers. Confidential client information must be held securely.


If you would like the Lab to consider a use case please contact us for a consultation.

We build solutions. We also speak at conferences and seminars for private groups.

Grandeo Hipster 100

In a post bricks and mortar valuation world, business intelligence decisions need to be faster then ever before. We provide one page company analysis and level 2 full due diligence.

Take a look at the Grandeo Hipster 100. We provide company analysis including shareholders, valuations and algo produced ratings. To see the full universe contact us for a rate card.

Grandeo 100

Porfolios can also be searched and created:

grandeo hipster 100
syndicate room
Future Fifty

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We provide detailed business intelligence on many UK "Hipster" companies for the purposes of investment, KYC, and investor relations. The Hipster 100 is free and the rest of our universe is on a monthly tariff starting at GBP35.

We also provide Equity Management Services and record shareholder registers on a blockchain. We can act as your SAIL.

As a technology company we can provide blockchain solutions too.


Business intelligence and blockchain security.

Paid research on over 1000 UK fast growing private companies with API access.

Equity Management, corporate actions, proxy voting all on the blockchain along with Company House updating.

Media intel, portfolio management, valuations, ratings.