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Data Policy


Big data means we all have access to lots of data previously unavailable. Problem is most of it is social media noise, inaccurate, incomplete or plain wrong. Some of it should not be made available as the owners haven't given consent. We do however follow the latest rules and guidelines regarding privacy and if you think we haven't let us know. Data though isn't always information and that is where we come in. We only use data in the public domain or where there has been consent. We churn a lot of this and produce information.


Our algos (algorithms) are proprietary to us. Our code learns from the data we have and prescribes an out-of-five number which is an indication of how positive Grandeo is about the company. If there is little data then the score will be reduced. If there is little data the score may not be calculated. The factors we weight and look at can include:

The Team

How experienced are they running a startup?

How experienced are they running a mature firm?

How many other business interests do they have?

How incentivised are they?

How much skin in the game do they have?

How much experience in this space?

Are they experienced for the role they have?

How dispensable are they?

How long do they expect to be at the firm?

Has the team worked together before?

Have they worked in a small team before?

Are they 100% focused?

Are they experienced in turn around / interim management?

Are they experienced in managing fast growth firms?

And so on ...

The Business

How complex is the business model?

How easy is it to copy?

How easy is it to stop the business from operating?

Is it a disruptor?

Is it a game changer?

Is it a new business model?

Is it proven?

How scalable is the business?

What are the barriers to entry?

Is it adequately funded for next 12 months?

How complex is the IT infrastructure?

How unique is the IT infrastructure?

Does it need specialist workers?

Does it own patents?

What is its Klout score?

What is its Trustpilot score>

Who are its advisors?

Are the advisors incentivised?

Are the founders capable of operating a company?

How active are the investors?

Is investor activism potentially a threat to the business?

Do they have a real time SWOT analysis?

Is there a CorpDev / Strategy / Business Plan?

And so on ...

Due Diligence
Idea to IPO

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