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Grandeo Labs is a UK based company that builds and develops blockchain solutions as platform services or as white label solutions.

Distributed ledger technology is transforming the way data is stored and controlled for all businesses and the public sector.

Following the success of crypto currencies using blockchain (blockchain 1.0) we are now in the blockchain 2.0 era where the immutable and highly secure blockchain backbone is being used for many other use case purposes. Blockchain is considerably cheaper than the over engineered layered IT architectures many firms have today as it is all cloud based and secured with crypto protocols that are unhackable.

Not only do firms have to contend with legacy systems, third party providers, they also have to hire expensive and often untrusted security teams to audit security and yet data breaches are occurring daily across all sectors. For certain use cases, blockchain abandons the one user name and password vulnerability to access all records in a database and replaces it with device and user specific control using a Blockchain (private or public).

Although we are agnostic regarding fabric, our preference is Linux Foundation's hyperledger. We work in conjuction with leading UK academic institutions (UCL / KCL) and technology companies such as IBM.

Products and services


The UK's various Companies Acts ensures all non natural entities keep registers of controllers, shareholders and officers. Blockchaina, Grandeo's hyperledger based blockchain has over 4.5million UK companies and reduces duplication and cost as well as providing enhanced due diligence and KYC. We offer equity management services as a service on the blockchain platform


ChainKey is the world's first proof of record blockchain and records and indexes permanent records such as animal passports to wills.

Crypto Currency Indices

An asset management company asked us to produce a number of daily valued crypto currency indices - so we did. Indax runs daily indices of the major crypto currencies plus due diligence on exchanges.

Cold Storage

Blockchain is unhackable (yep, even if Quantum computers grow stronger we can just add a few more bytes) but the Private Keys used to verify and carry out transactions are not. You don't need to know your homomorphic encryption from your barreto-naehrig curve to appreciate a 50 odd character string is easy to copy and paste. A key concern with institutions entering the emerging crypto market is custody. We have a number of solutions depending on the ease of access and long term security.


If you would like the Lab to consider a use case please contact us for a consultation.

We are currently pilot testing human and animal medical and dental records onto blockchaina along with animal registration. We have put the UK's Land Registry onto a blockchain as well as Companies House. We are all also in dialogue with a number of magic circle law firms regarding data room security and Wills and Probate.

Other projects have included using chainkey for GDPR compliance and a voting system called KeyVote. Supply chain and real asset provenance are ideal for blockchain and we have used chainkey for vintage wine and top end art provenance.

We also speak at conferences and seminars for private groups.

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Grandeo launched
BlockchainA created on ethereum.
ResearchA developed.
Indax crypto indices launched.
Q1 2018
BlockchainA ported to hyperledger

Created CKEY and GDO tokens.
Q2 2018
Chainkey app launched
White labelled ChainKey solutions for a number of businesses.
Real estate (land registry) and Companies House ported to BlockchainA
Further partnerships in healthcare and dentistry industry.
Expansion of business intelligence machine learning on researcha.